You either love The Forest, or the game's survival horror elements are completely lost on you. Either way, the game is coming to the PlayStation 4.

Fans of The Forest have had access to the title for awhile now through Steam, and Sony apparently saw enough promise to approach developer Endnight Games about bringing the title to its next generation console. (Sony did the same for DayZ, which is also expected to hit the PS4 at some point in the distant future.)

The Forest essentially finds you (the player) stranded in a mysterious forest after surviving a plane crash. Your surroundings are gorgeous, calming. But you soon find yourself being hunted by a terrifying group of cannibalistic mutants.

You'll build, fight, cook and do your best to stay alive. How long can you last? In the PC version, that's essentially all you do—there really is no plot necessarily, and no missions. You simply survive. No release date has been revealed.

Check out the reveal trailer above.