The first trailer for the Netflix original movie Death Note just dropped, and it looks chilling.

The movie is based on the Japanese graphic novel of the same name and follows Light Turner on a quest to clean the world of evil. The trailer gives us just a quick glance at the movie, but we get a good idea what director Adam Wingard has done with the story.

Opening up with a mysterious falling notebook from the sky, Light Turner (Nat Wolff) picks it up. The title of notebook reads Death Note. Opening it up reveals the details of the book—”The human whose name is written in this note shall die.” The person that possesses the Death Note has the ability to kill anyone he desires as long as he’s seen their face.

From here, fast cuts reveal the movie’s moody and dark aesthetic reminiscent of the horror movies Wingard has worked on in the past. Disturbing cuts of people walking off a roof and a collapsing ferris wheel flesh out this hyper stylized movie that is sure to keep your heart rate up. The last scene of the trailer shows a blurry figure with glowing yellow eyes that says ominously, “Shall we begin?”

When can we watch this?

Death Note will be available to stream on Netflix beginning August 25.