I don’t know why, but a Dead Rising movie exists. It doesn’t look great—our expectations were never high, especially because the game itself isn’t particularly stellar. But it also doesn’t look awful, more like a mid-budget—but still cheesy—SyFy flick. Dead Rising is the gaming world’s version of Sharknado; it’s fun without taking itself too seriously. That’s how it should be watched when Dead Rising: Watchtower hits Crackle on March 27.

The trailer lays out the plot quite nicely: scientists have created a vaccine that apparently slows or halts the zombification process. But, and here’s where the plot thickens, the vaccine seemingly stops working! Who would have seen that coming? All hell breaks loose, giving filmmakers the freedom to put the insanity of a Dead Rising game—crazy weapons, scary clowns, wacko bosses—into a movie. The kind of so-bad-it’s-good-type movie. We hope.

Some familiar B-list actors show up, so Dead Rising probably won’t be all bad. Rob Riggle plays Frank West, the protagonist from the first game, though it doesn’t look like he gets too involved in the zombie killing fun. Instead, much of the focus seems to be on Jesse Metcalfe, who appears to play an apathetic news-hound trying to get the scoop on the Zombrex vaccine.

Check the trailer out for plenty of DIY weapons, blood-thirsty zombies and references to the Dead Rising games. How many can you spot?