Shulks amiibo a GameStop Exclusive

As we posted yesterday, Nintendo dropped a single line in a recent overview video concerning the retailer specific nature of certain amiibo. You'd only be able to buy them at individual shops, though they said they'd have more details to follow down the line.

I didn't think word would come this soon. The first retailer exclusive amiibo will be Shulk, of Xenoblade Chronicles fame, and he'll only be available at GameStop when he releases with the rest of the February batch.

The GameStop exclusivity does make a little sense given that the gaming chain were the exclusive retailer for Xenoblade Chronicles when it was localized for North American Wii owners. Think they'll also be the only shop to sell the Wii U's Xenoblade Chronicles X when it releases next year?

If you absolutely must have Shulk on your shelf of amiibo, the only way to get him is to shop at GameStop.