Nintendo of America has released the first official TV spot for the Nintendo 3DS to be aired during commercials in the States. The spot is about 30 seconds long and features an Augmented Reality game, Steel Diver and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.

The mantra of the commercial tells consumers to look inside. We assume they're not indicating that folks consider the deep moral consequences of selecting a gaming portable. Instead, they're likely attempting to give a motto to the type of 3D illusion Nintendo's 3DS conveys.

The 3D does not pop off of the device. You won't see Mario hovering in space above the display on the unit. The parallax barriers on the screen create the illusion of depth, not projection. Knowing that I've used the device on a few occasions, people often ask me to describe the effect it provides. It's like looking through a window.

Or, as Nintendo of America's marketing firm puts it, looking inside. And, since the 3D effect really can't be filmed, this commercial's motto is practically the next best thing… sort of.

As the 3DS' launch date approaches, March 27th in America, gamers and consumers alike will eventually start to get their hands on the device. If I can offer any advice for folks that are about to go one on one with the system for the first time, it's this…

Keep the 3DS in the sweet spot about a foot and a half away from your face. Keep it locked as close to dead center as you can. Any lateral motion disrupts the illusion and may cause a bit of eyestrain for the user. Whether or not that's game-breaking will be decided by extended use with the device.

Has anyone else given the 3DS a try? Does this commercial convey the effect as well as it should?