Heard of the iPad Pro? You will, if not through this here website, you’ll probably see an ad for Apple’s enormous new tablet over the next few weeks. The Cupertino company on Monday released the first iPad Pro ad, spotlighting the device’s 12.9-inch screen and companion stylus, otherwise known as the Apple Pencil. It’s not overly compelling, though it does remind you that space can be quite gorgeous.

The point is to show how a device like the iPad Pro can put the terrifying expanse of space at your fingertips. Aim it at the sky, and scribble down some notes on your next great theory about the universe. Convinced yet? We’re still scratching our heads trying to figure out who might pick up the iPad Pro, especially at such an astronomical price, but we’ll reserve final judgement until we get our hands on the device later this week.

To be fair, Apple has tailored the iPad Pro to be much more of an educational tool, something people use to learn and create. When the device was officially unveiled, Apple gave a lot of stage time to the medical community, showing what the device is capable of when put in the right hands. The iPad Pro might be the kind of device that slowly finds an audience in places we least expect.

Even if Apple’s mondo tablet isn’t your thing, at least bask in the sweet, sweet tunes of Alabama Shakes. iPad Pro preorders will start Wednesday, with units expected to begin shipping later this week.