Rules! on Apple Watch

That exclamation point doesn’t really denote any personal excitement I have for either Rules! or the Apple Watch. Just clarifying, friends. That’s the title of the game. Some people just really love rules, and perhaps the developers of this one figured yelling it instead of saying it would lead to more sales. If I ever open a bagel shop, I’ll probably call it “Bagels!” just to see if it works.

Get back on topic? Fine…

Rules! is the first game officially approved for the Apple Watch. If you’re wondering how gaming with the new wrist-bound device will go, this tiny one offers a little bit of some early indication.

Rules! already sells for the iPhone and iPad platforms. It’s moving for $2.99. The newest update, 3.0, brings it to the Apple Watch. The screenshot above is the only one they offer for the Apple Watch version of their game, but here’s what it looks like on traditional iOS devices.

The gameplay is pretty simple. A set of tiles featuring numbers, characters and different colors show up on the screen. Then comes the rule for that particular level. Maybe you’ll have to tap all the numbers in increasing order, or maybe you need to only tap things with mustaches. Get it? Rules!

What do you think? Is Rules! something you’d like to play on your wearable?