Yakuza 0 is a fine place to start for a series that gets more impenetrable with each release. Joey already even has it as an early GotY frontrunner! However, if you are dead set on jumping in chronologically and you happen to hate digital games, SEGA just made your job of securing the first four games in the series a lot easier.

Atlus USA Producer Sam Mullen has confirmed that SEGA has just re-released Yakuza 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the North American market for a limited run.

The official Yakuza Twitter account also confirmed the news.

Amazon has them up and selling as well

SEGA's choice retailer Video Games Plus has them available for $38.40 and $138.25 for a four-pack. Meanwhile, if you don't want to deal with Canadian dollars, Amazon also has them available with Yakuza 1 and Yakuza 2 for $49.99 and Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4 available for $39.99.

The PlayStation 2 games are harder to find, accounting for their higher value.

Yakuza 0 will be followed by Yakuza Kiwami on the PlayStation 4 later this year and Yakuza 6 in 2018.

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