You have to hand it to Bethesda. Its marketing team has no intention of spoiling the plot of these The Evil Within DLC packs. Keep its trailers short, and keep them simple!

The first trailer for the "The Assignment" DLC pack showed a single shot from a locker for ten seconds before fading to white, and this newest one for "The Consequence" is even simpler! It's nothing more than ten mere seconds of protagonist Leslie as she walks deeper and deeper into a wrecked tunnel. The only hint of exposition we get is a collapsed highway sign that shows Leslie she is heading in the right direction to Paranoia.

Just turn off in three exits, I guess. I can't complain, because unlike a lot of trailers these days, it does show in-engine gameplay. At least it's a very honest little trailer.

And man, do the kids even get my Harvey Danger reference? Ugh, I must be getting old… (Editor's note: I got it, Ron. Don't worry. I'm just as old. -Joey)

The Evil Within's second DLC pack "The Consequence" will be released on Tuesday, April 21 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. Be sure to play "The Assignment" first as this new one will be the second part of an overarching story.