The video above shows off the work of modder and YouTube user . This person has produced The Envision, a portable system claiming the control setup of the Nintendo GameCube and the bounty of games players can enjoy on it. The clip itself is a music video centered around, more often than not, The Legend of Zelda games.

The Envision runs on batteries (though AC power is an option) and offers no disc drive. Instead, games run off of an external SD card that sports Wiikey Fusion. The only GameCube title it doesn't play properly, according to the creator, is Luigi's Mansion.

According to the modder and their YouTube description for the video, this thing plays a heck of a lot more than just the software from the GameCube library. If you watched the video, then you likely already noticed the presence of several Nintendo 64 titles. In addition to those, The Envision plays other Nintendo products…

This portable can also play SOME N64 games, the whole SNES and NES library, and probably some other older consoles. The N64 games are ISO files on my SD card that use the emulator from Zelda: Collectors edition, which ran two N64 zelda games on the gamecube. Thus they are full speed.

The device took this creator seven months to make. We'll file The Envision under "worth it" for now.

[via Destructoid]