DuckTales is back. The show is being rebooted on Disney XD, and it's set to debut this summer. It's been at least two years in the making since its original announcement in February of 2015.

Today? Today we have the first proper trailer.

There's plenty here for old DuckTales fans to love

My son and I will be watching this show, guaranteed. I grew up on the original DuckTales, and it was a standard for my weekday viewing after school. Now, this new effort looks poised to be a staple in my household.

Only, we cut the cord ages ago. So we'll be watching the show online as Disney posts it on its streaming page. Sounds good to me, as we'll be able to catch Scrooge, Huey, Duey and Louie on our own time.

It also sounds like the theme is largely in tact, so that's great news.