Thank you, Eurogamer. I love these kind of videos because they point out just how insipid gaming marketing can truly be. I cringe with embarrassment every time a major multiplayer game shows up on stage at E3 or another convention, and the publisher hires actors to portray what "gamers" sound like when coordinating attacks or working together as a team.

We all know it's BS, because in real life, gamers are goofballs who just like to mess around or jerks who solely fend for themselves. Actors attempting to make a game sound cool or professional just come off as plain awkward.

Ubisoft is leading the charge with this horribly pandering marketing scheme. Rainbow Six Siege's reveal trailer was the absolute worst in that regard, but here we have a nice comparison between what Ubisoft says Tom Clancy's The Division should ideally sound like and what it actually sounds like.

I'm not sure which is more cringe worthy, but at least the real segments are genuinely what I would expect from the game. Ubisoft, please in the future, just let the gameplay do the talking on its own. We promise, our imaginations will fill in the rest.

And Eurogamer, while you're at it, please do the Rainbow Six Siege trailer. I'll put it right here so you don't have to look very far.