Console players firing up The Division will not have access to settings meant to improve game performance. This comes despite a Ubisoft rep stating otherwise a few weeks back.

Here’s what that Ubisoft team member said back then.

“It’s great that we are giving [players] the option to disable certain lighting effects to improve the frame rate in the consoles…I don’t know of any other game that does that off the top of my head. So if players want to choose frame rate over visuals, they can if they want.”

As players now have the console version in their hands, they’re finding no such ability “to disable certain lighting effects to improve the frame rate.”

Whether this was actually changed or never really existed at all remains unknown. Ubisoft usually clarifies on rumors like these, so the fact that they said nothing when the rep initially made the claim suggests that it did exist at the time.

Maybe it was removed as part of the going-to-gold transition on consoles. Giving players the ability to change settings like that is something never done on consoles, as the rep stated, so that might be the case for a reason.

Are you playing The Division on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4? How’s its performance?

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