In the futuristic, dystopian society that makes up The Division, there lies an area of extreme lawlessness, chaos and big rewards.

That’s The Dark Zone, and it was revealed today as part of Ubisoft’s press conference. They also revealed the game’s launch date: March 8th, 2016.

Some sort of virus wipes out humanity in the lead up to The Division‘s storyline. That leaves people struggling to survive and scavenge for loot and supplies. In The Dark Zone, you’ll find members of your own faction perhaps doing just that, and it’s up to you if you help or hinder their actions.

We see our crew in The Division in the E3 demo meet up with some friends, take down some bad guys and, of course, score some loot.

When it’s time to leave, the team moves to a central area and fires off a flare for extraction. That’s when the chopper approaches, and our folks leading the demo turn on their recently formed posse and steals their loot. Then one of the agents within their party goes rogue, kills them and makes off with their goods.

There’s a layer of potential intrigue here that might be really great. We’ll see how it develops.

This stands as the most consistent piece of gameplay we’ve seen for The Division so far, and the title looks decent. I’m not sure if it matches the unveil we saw a year or two ago, but it still looks solid.

The Division will host betas on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Those will come early next year.