It didn’t take long for players to find a way to grief one another in Tom Clancy’s The Division. In fact, the first major instance of sabotaging someone else’s progress is so simple that it barely even counts as acceptable trolling.

As mentioned in the headline, players have taken to standing in door frames for their own petty giggles, and thanks to many of these doors only being only wide enough to allow a single player entry at a time, these trolls are blocking crucial access points for other players.

Mainly, this is occurring in high traffic areas with a lot of other players. Those who stand in the door frames have been demanding “passwords” to let people through, and those who don’t supply the non-existent have been denied entry.

Pro-tip, you can phase through players by walking into them for a few seconds. Don’t let them totally ruin your fun. Perseverance can and will pay off if you hit them at the right angle.

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