Tom Clancy’s The Division is on shelves and digital marketplaces today, but the DLC is still a couple months out. Or a few, depending on which console you’re on.

Xbox One is the lead platform for The Division. That’s where the team has been running demos for the game, and that, it turns out, is where the downloadable content for the game will turn up first.

The first two of three planned expansions, covered by the $39.99 season pass, will hit Xbox One 30 days before PlayStation 4 and Windows gamers get their hands on the goods. The first two are set to hit in June and sometime this summer, with the third, which will see simultaneous release, planned for winter. The expansions are titled, in order, Underground, Survival, and Last Stand.

The free add-on content that’s planned will go live simultaneously on all platforms.

That this content has even timed exclusivity for Xbox One shows just how long ago the game was announced; if Ubisoft was announcing this today, it would almost certainly be PlayStation seeing the content first, considering how many more PlayStation 4 consoles are in homes as compared to the Xbox One.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.