The Division was updated recently. I don’t mean that it saw a few tweaks and a bug fix or two. No. The Division was hit with version 1.4, and the changelog was massive, making this thing feel like a different game in some cases.

Following that patch release and the hype set forth by Ubisoft, VP of Live Operations Anne Blondel said this to PCGamesN.

“Since the release of patch 1.4, we went back to the daily active users we had at launch because people were [so impressed]…”

That’s impressive, right? Turns out that was a bit of a “miscommunication.”

The Ubisoft rep misspoke about The Division‘s player count following patch 1.4

The player count is growing, make no mistake, but it isn’t what the game saw at launch. Anne Blondel wound up clarifying her statement with PCGamesN.

“This was a miscommunication – what I meant to say is the numbers for The Division are trending back in a positive direction, thanks to what we’ve seen with patch 1.4 and other updates the team has delivered…

…What I should have said is, we think it’s possible that The Division follows a similar pattern to Rainbow Six: Siege, which has seen increasing engagement to the point that DAU numbers have equaled those we saw during the launch period.”

Those are two different statements, but the corrected honesty is greatly appreciated.

Will you dive back into The Division?