In April of 2014, Google hired a game designer with a veteran past at places like Lucasfilm Games. That was Noah Falstein, and he came on as chief game designer for Google. As of Thursday, he’s left the company, and the blog post he sent out with the news sort of indicates that his vision and Google’s didn’t exactly meet in a meaningful way.

“Four years ago this month,” Falstein writes, “I became Google’s Chief Game Designer.  It seemed an auspicious time to be able to make games at a company known for its world-spanning technology.  Unfortunately, the opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games that I had been hired to help create failed to materialize, even as the world market for games has continued to grow in size, diversity, and geographic reach.”

It sounds like Falstein wanted more and better but came away dissatisfied. Hopefully, Google gets up to something awesome between Daydream and Tango.

What’s next for Falstein?

How about the future for this industry veteran? ” I don’t know what’s next,” he explains, “and that’s part of what attracts me. The only way that I or my long-term colleagues stay fresh in an industry that is constantly changing is to evolve to meet that adapting environment.”

“Whether neurogaming, interactive VR films, or some other yet undreamt-of territory will be my next challenge, I’m eager to begin exploring!” Good luck!