Atlus and ACE Team have come together to produce what might be one of the strangest yet most compelling premises I’ve seen for a game over the last six months. The Deadly Tower of Monsters came to us in trailer and screenshot form by way of a press release. It’s there that we learned about this game based on late 40s and early 50s sci-fie that packs stop-motion monsters and a robot named… The Robot.

Yes! We have no idea how the game plays, but the aesthetic is absolutely pitch perfect.

This is a single player adventure, and you’ll be tasked with a constant climb of the deadly tower in the game. Levels bring new monsters and themes, and you’ll climb all the way up into outer space. Sometimes, according to the release, you’ll need to jump down multiple levels in order to reach new heights. Yes, you can even fall all the way to the bottom. Oh boy.

The Tower of Deadly Monsters does not have an exact release date or price point just yet, but it will launch for the PC and PlayStation 4. ACE Team and Atlus have the fall of this year listed as their target, though that could certainly change.