It would seem that The Daily, the iPad-only “newspaper” being worked on by Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs, is rally getting close to launch if graphics on their website is any indication.

Rumors indicate that The Daily may launch as early as next week, so it makes sense that the website is being prepped, but it’s doubtful they thought anyone would go digging through the files to see if they could locate any extraneous images and hints lurking.  However, that is exactly what Damon Kiesow Poytner did.

His digging came up with evidence that there will be a Website component to The Daily that is password protected, so apparently your $.99 a week will not only get you the iPad version of the publication, but will also allow you to view it from any Web browser.  There is no word as of yet if the full publication will be on the site, but it would seem to make sense.  Perhaps you will be able to just subscribe to the site if you lack an iPad because it makes no sense to cut off those potential customers.

The most intriguing thing that was found was an image that appears to be meant for a sidebar ad, but gives us a hint as to what the publication will look like.  In the image to the right, you can see it seems to focus on full-screen splash pages.  While we are probably seeing the “covers”, and not interior pages, it does appear the navigation will be done through smaller buttons placed through out the page.

The rest of the discoveries were fairly unexciting, such as markers for social sharing buttons, but what site doesn’t have those at this point?

If all goes according to the plans we’ve heard, we’ll learn more about The Daily next week when Murdoch and Jobs share a stage together.

What say you?  Any interest in The Daily?

[via Poytner]