Fans know Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West from season two of The Flash, but they’ll see an all new side of the youngster when the show returns for season three. The CW on Tuesday tweeted out pictures of Lonsdale as Kid Flash, and he’s about as comic-accurate as you can get. I’m really digging the yellow/red two-tone look.

Plans for the upcoming season of The Flash will include an opening episode called “Flashpoint,” which comic fans will immediately recognize as a major arc from 2011. In that storyline, Barry Allen makes the decision to save his mother’s life in the past, thus triggering an alternate timeline where he no longer has powers. That’s where Kid Flash comes in.

Now, it’ll just be a matter of finding out how Kid Flash’s powers come to be. In season two, he was zapped with the same particle accelerator experiment that provided Barry with his super speed; West’s powers, however, never manifested. With an all-new timeline, it looks like his time to shine.

The Flash returns to TV on Oct. 4.