What Jaimie Mantzel has created is nothing short of amazing — it's the robot that children across the land have always wanted. I know what you're thinking: "What's so special about yet another robotic toy that's probably made of cheap plastic, looks nothing like the marketing materials and always comes up short in features?"

Wow, so jaded. There, there — I know it can be hard to get over childhood disappointments, but there's reason to buck up this time. Not only is this remote-controlled, 6-legged walking robot a stunning design feat, but the unit will have working projectile armaments (for ping pong balls, discs and darts) and armor attachments that fly off when it's dealt an epic blow — which is perfect for giving pretend battles an air of authenticity. Perhaps the best part is that this isn't just a concept. Mantzel's invention has gotten the attention of a bona fide toy company, so these babies will actually be in production in a few months.

Honestly, words can't do this thing justice, so check out the video of it in action and see for yourself.

The gears are a little rough in this prototype model, admits the inventor, but those kinks are being worked out, so the final product will be much quieter.

One other thing that needs to be finetuned is the name. Mantzel doesn't have one for this yet, so he's tapping the YouTube community for suggestions. He'll pick one from the ideas listed in the video's comments here, and that person will get a super-awesome-to-be-named-octopus-robot of their very own for free.

What do you think of Mantzel's toy? Could you see kids everywhere freaking out to get their hands on this?

[via Geek.com]