As Jonathan Rettinger, our fearless leader, says in the above video, we have been working on this quietly for some time now, but the delays weren't due to problems, or setbacks, it was simply from our desire to bring our loyal readers the best experience we could. What we've come up with we feel is a vast improvement over the current version of the site, and considering the hours everyone has put into it, we couldn't be prouder of what we've come up with.

TechnoBuffalo LogoWith the new site, however, also comes some changes. The most notable is that we will be doing away with the sub-blogs of the site. This was probably the hardest decision for us to make and led to many phone calls, e-mails and instant messenger chats amongst the staff. In the end we have come to the conclusion it is the best option simply because we were having to devote so many resources to combating the spam blogs that kept popping up. We just want to make it perfectly clear that this was not a decision we reached easily, but going forward we feel it will lead to a healthier, and one where we can devote all of our energies and efforts to building the best technology news site we can. For those of you who wish to migrate your data to another service, we recommend both and as solid options.

For those of you who have enjoyed having a voice in the world of TechnoBuffalo, don't fret, we aren't forgetting you.  As Jon describes in the video you will be able to submit content, vote on the popularity of articles and there will be a couple more ideas we aren't quite ready to discuss as of yet.  One of them … wow, I can't wait to announce it, but believe me when I say you haven't seen anything quite like it on a tech blog before.

Beyond new features, we will also be announcing some new staffing in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

When does all of this happen?  The plan is that some time on the evening of Jan. 2nd, 2011 you will see a notice go up saying we're working on the change over, and while some of you will see it that night, it may take a day or two for everyone to get it, but rest assured it is coming.

I can't say a enough to express how excited I am about 2011 and TechnoBuffalo.  The best is truly yet to come, and hopefully all of you will be along to experience it with us as it unfolds.