Did you see the trailer for season 7 of The Walking Dead this past weekend? Although we’re pumped to meet Ezekiel and his tiger, we’re still waiting to see who the unlucky person is that Negan decides to beat to death. While we aren’t going to find out until October, AMC gave fans at Comic-Con a chance to live out the scene themselves.

On display at The Walking Dead booth, a macabre diorama of that big season 6 cliffhanger was on display, showing Negan proudly standing over his frightened captors. It was a little morbid but a lot of fun; it would have been even cooler to see the actors act the scene out but wax figures were the next best thing.

The showrunners of The Walking Dead have already said they’ll get right into who dies when season 7 returns, so there will be no more toying with fan emotions. The only problem is, we have to wait a few more months for the show to return.