Hanzo is one of the most polarizing figures in Overwatch with many lauding him with both love and disdain for how well he handles the battlefield. Those who love Hanzo really seem to love him, so much so that one eager fan even officially started his own church just to worship him.

Indeed, the “Igreja Nacionais de Hanzo” founder Mateus Mognon successfully petitioned the Brazilian government to start his own church dedicated to the celebration of Hanzo, and his memoir recently found its way onto the net. Rules for his new religion include being allowed to ask Tuesdays off from work for “religious studies,” really meaning you get to play a lot of Overwatch and being forbidden to use the phrase “Hanzo main.”

Actually, the whole thing is just a social experiment conducted by Mognon to show how easy it is to start your own religion in Brazil. Apparently, all you need a central address, five people to join, a lawyer’s signature, and a fee. Once collected, all it takes is a notary and you’ll be able to apply for tax-exempt status.

Mognon agrees that the Brazilian constitution should be allowed to protect religious freedoms, but he also says that the rules are easily exploited by people looking to avoid paying taxes or launder money.

Why Hanzo though? Well, all are equal targets in his eyes.