PlayStation.Blog was fortunate enough to sit down with some Insomniac Games staffers and have them discuss some of the new alien weapons players will find in Resistance 3. The PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter is set to launch September 6th, next Tuesday.

If you're a frequenter of TechnoBuffalo and you've read any of my coverage of Insomniac Games' work, then you've likely seen me talk about this before. Insomniac are fantastic developers for a lot of reasons; one of their best creative resources is rooted in their ability to create unique weaponry.

The Chimera are the alien race invading earth in the Resistance saga. Every entry in the series includes crazy, cool, new Chimeran weaponry. Whether it's guns that dimensionally shoot through walls or tether to enemies and home bullets, the munitions in Resistance are always interesting.

Apply that same principle to Insomniac's other major property, Ratchet & Clank. The weapons in that franchise are always incredible. I ask you to consider, as a method of illustrating my point, the weapons trailer for the most recent game Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

Insomniac Games: they make awesome weapons.

Will any of you be snagging Resistance 3 when it drops next week?

[via PlayStation.Blog]