This is where we are, humanity. We've taken a free-to-play, exploitative mobile game and surged it to such boundless fame that it's been turned into a game show for primetime television.

Candy Crush is now one CBS, and it's hosted by Mario Lopez. Right, Slater from Saved by the Bell is now hosting a Candy Crush game show. Those are some words that I never thought would run together in the same sentence, and yet… they just did.

The show debuted this past weekend, and then CBS took to their official 814,000 subscriber-strong YouTube channel to share some clips. The videos there have, well, not done well. A day or so later, and they've racked up viewcounts in the low hundreds. That seems odd, doesn't it?

Players work in teams as one hoists the other up to physically swipe the giant screens in order to match candies. It looks fun to play, admittedly, but I can't figure out how this is actually a real thing.

Did you folks watch? Do you like it? Have we officially jumped the mobile game shark here?