There are things we cherish in this world, like every normal human being should — friends, family, good health. And then there are the material possessions — computer, camera, book — that, even with the danger of a fire lurking, we would take with us in a heartbeat. Whether its for practical or sentimental reasons, we're all attached to our belongings on different levels. For instance: I'd immediately grab my copy of The Road to Los Angeles by John Fante because it was the first book I ever fell in love with (long story). Or my computer. Of course, many of the items highlighted in Foster Huntington's The Burning House can be replaced. Or can they? What would you take if your house was on fire? [$12, via Amazon]

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures

Aside from the Back to the Future trilogy, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of Indiana Jones. (I know Indiana Jones is no longer a trilogy, but not many people consider Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to be part of the series [I personally enjoyed it].) If you were to ask, I'd tell you that The Last Crusade is easily the best of the three, although Raiders of the Lost Ark is pretty close. The Complete Adventures is a five disk set complete with the first three films, all in 1080p and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. Remember to choose wisely the next time you visit your nearest big box retailer, and don't cross the seal. [$75, via Amazon]


For the community, by the community. At just $100, Ouya comes equipped with a Tegra 3 quad-core chip, android 4.0, 1GB of RAM, HDMI, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a wireless controller. Fans are being involved from day one, and there are some industry vets attached to the project to ensure the quality seal of approval is there. There also appears to be some good developers backing the project, including Minecraft creator Mojang. If successful, the console industry is looking at a huge shakeup. Ouya also comes with an open SDK, free-to-try titles, and access to Android's growing gaming library.

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