The team of ex-BioShock developers at Day For Night Games continues to push for the success of their surreal first-person adventure game, The Black Glove, on Kickstarter. In an effort to reach out to a bigger audience, it has announced that it will be guaranteeing a release on the PlayStation 4 should it reach its minimum goal of $550,000.

Those who donate at the $20 level will have access to the PlayStation 4 version.

In addition to the announcement, Day For Night Games is attempting to rally further support with a brand new trailer showing off ideas for the game. The original pitch video has been replaced with… well, just watch it for yourself and you'll have a good idea of the twisted, surreal tone that the team is going for. As if BioShock wasn't insane enough, this game really pushes the envelope of what can be achieved when game development is left in the hands of crazy people.

For as innovative and interesting as it looks, The Black Glove has been struggling to achieve the money it needs. With just 10 days to go, the team has only raised $133,000, far short of the $550,000 it needs. A late Kickstarter surge could help, but it could really use some generous people to give it a solid foundation to leap from.