Thursday’s Nintendo Direct presentation gave us far more announcements than we had expected for just a 35 minute program. After watching, our wishlists filled up with a variety of titles, everything from first-party Nintendo games to indie favorites to Final Fantasy games to even an old oddball favorite.

Here are the announcements we were most happy to see.

We knew the original game was getting a remaster on the Nintendo 3DS, but we had no idea that Nintendo was preparing for a third game in Luigi’s very own series. The Nintendo Switch seems like the perfect console for another haunted adventure with Mario’s younger brother, especially now that Dark Moon proved that the series excels as a portable game.

After the original launched to murky reception on the GameCube, we’re glad enough time has gone by to show that this brilliant idea has enough legs to become a full-fledged franchise.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released in 2019.

We saw this one coming thanks to a leak, but we’re still happy to have confirmation. I know New Super Mario Bros. somewhat ran its course after three or four games, but the Wii U game has enough brilliance to it to be considered for a re-release. It’s one of the more underrated Mario games out there, and thanks to fun secrets and a huge world map, maybe the closest we’ll ever get to Super Mario World again.

A release on the Switch will finally free it from the chains of the unsuccessful Wii U, and fans who missed out will finally get the chance to play along.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will feature 164 stages and be available on Jan. 11, 2019.

Another announcement that was leaked before the Nintendo Direct, we now have a better idea of what to expect from Katamari Damacy Reroll. The game is a remaster of the classic PlayStation 2 original with a digital release date on the Nintendo Switch set for Nov. 30.

Soundtrack and all will be included! I mean, what else do you need in life if not for Lonely Rolling Star?

A Steam release will follow on Dec. 7, and the physical Switch version will come out in the Winter. The game will incorporate both classic controls and make use of the Switch’s Joy-cons.

If this is Animal Crossing: New Leaf all over again, expect to lose your free time and your will to live in the real world all over again. Nintendo’s addictive life-simulator is coming back in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch!

Yes, your town will always be at your side, nagging you to return and succumbing to inevitable death and decay if you ignore it. Beware, these games will depress you if you come back to it after an extended absence.

I’m still not sure if I ever want to play this, but the original voice acting and epic soundtrack set to those goofy character models are just a bit too much. If you own a PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, stick to the main game. It’s a wild ride so long as you are not expecting a typical Final Fantasy game or even a typical open world adventure for that matter.

If you only have a Switch, this might be a decent substitute. Up to you, but it’s available today to check out if you want.

Final Fantasy being back in the realm of Nintendo is a plus for all, especially if they can now be played on a portable console and free from the Vita’s questionable emulation. Final Fantasy VII is the biggest announcement, coming to a Nintendo console 21 years after the original release. I’m more excited for Final Fantasy X Remastered, a game I enjoy a lot more nowadays, and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, a game that needs a portable release since it’s far too large for me to play in front of a television anymore.

The same goes for World of Final Fantasy Maxima, which was a game I wanted to play all the way through but couldn’t justify sitting on a couch that long.

Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and Chocobo Mystery Dungeon are also all fun re-releases fans should check out. Final Fantasy VIII getting the shaft is a bit weird, but I’m more concerned about the Super Nintendo games. Does Nintendo and Square Enix have an agreement to make them available through Nintendo Switch Online once it starts getting around to Super Nintendo games, or are we going to get those dreadful Steam versions?

Only time will tell…

For now, these announcements are great for Final Fantasy fans and Nintendo fans, hand in hand once again. Nothing stops this team up! (Oh yeah, they’re coming to Xbox One, as well)

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for one of our all-time indie favorites, Downwell. With the best buttons, portability, and the ability to play in vertical “tate” mode, there is no reason to play the game anywhere else anymore.

This game is already a minimalist masterpiece, and the Nintendo Switch is the only platform that could have made it better.

Yoshi’s Crafted World’s title leaked before the presentation, but the confirmed title and release date of Spring 2019 all fit into place. I mean, look at this list of games! It’s going to take us until spring to beat them all to make room for it!

The mysteriously named “Town” is an RPG coming to the Switch in 2019 from Game Freak… aka, the Pokémon guys.

While it is clearly not Pokémon, the studio often shows up strong when it decides to venture out on its own every once in a while and make something original. Color us intrigued at the idea of this game.

Yes, we’re still going! I’m just as shocked at this many announcements, but Kirby’s Epic Yarn will also be made available on the Nintendo 3DS, sadly being shafted from a proper Nintendo Switch release. Nintendo needs you to believe that the 3DS is still viable, I suppose.

Seriously, when was the last time you touched yours. I only did once since I bought my Switch, and that was to play Chrono Trigger.

This is one of the more popular Kirby games from recent memory, so having it available in some capacity is at least nice. The port will be released in 2019.

No news here, but any information on the remaster of The World Ends With You is fine with us. This stylish trailer needs to be seen by more people since it’s such a solid little game that demands a bigger audience.

I’ll just go ahead and drop this here at the end of my list… hopefully you’ve stuck with me all this way because wow… that’s a lot of games. Feels good to be a Nintendo fan heading into 2019.