When Google introduced Project Fi, it seemed like a no-brainer idea. It was a new network that puts its focus on customers by having simplified billing and affordable plans. But to get access to that dream, you'd have to buy a really expensive phone. The most recent phone to be supported by Fi was the Pixel, which costs $650.

Project Fi customers weren't too happy with the limited selection and stated their discontent with the service through Twitter. And Project Fi responded with great news.

In a tweet sent out by the Project Fi, it revealed that a mid-tier phone from one of Google's "partners" would arrive later this year. Who is this mysterious partner? LG? Motorola? HTC? And how much will it cost? We don't know yet, but we are very intrigued by the news.

During the initial launch of Project Fi, the only phones supported by Project Fi were Nexus devices. The cheapest phone you could buy was the Nexus 5X for $350—and it is now two years old. This new mysterious partner will offer a similarly affordable option.

That's great news to any Project Fi customer who is looking for something a little less expensive than the Pixel.