Looking to change up your phone’s wallpaper? You can use a photo of your dog (guilty), a loved one, or a picture of Half Dome from your Yosemite road trip. Or, you can download an app and look through a carefully curated collection of high-resolution art, from illustrations to beautiful pictures of Earth. Here are some choice wallpaper apps for iOS and Android.

Unsplash (iOS)

Unsplash is one of the most popular wallpaper services around, and now it finally has its own app for iOS. The app is pretty straightforward, providing users with a stream of images that can easily be saved to use as a background. There’s also a search bar, so you can find the exact wallpaper you’re looking for. There’s no Android version of Unsplash yet, which means iPhone users get exclusive dibs for now. [link]

Tip: Check out the “Just add type” section for excellent iPhone X backgrounds.

Price: Free

Vellum (iOS)

What’s impressive about Vellum is that EVERY. SINGLE. WALLPAPER. IS. AMAZING. With hundreds of images (all compatible with the iPhone x), Vellum offers a wide range of wallpapers to choose from, and a fresh wallpaper is uploaded everyday. There’s also a built-in blurring function, allowing users to tweak the wallpapers to their liking. [link]

Tip: Check out the From Above section for gorgeous images of Earth taken by satellites.

Price: Free ($1.99 for Vellum Premium)

Background (iOS)

Background taps into the vast collection offered by Unsplash, with features like newest photos, curated photos, and even an option to add photos to your favorites. It’s about as straight forward as wallpapers apps come, which means you’re guaranteed to find something you like. [link]

Tip: Consider Background Premium for an even better experience.

Price: Free ($3.99 for Background Premium)

Clarity (iOS)

Part wallpaper app and part editing app, Clarity features powerful tools that lets users easily add flare to photos. One of the app’s best features is Clarity keeps your lock screen time and date legible, so your wallpaper of choice doesn’t interfere. It’s a smart touch that makes Clarity worth checking out. [link]

Tip: Change the blur of your next wallpaper for a more dramatic look.

Price: $0.99

Wallpapers (Android)

With images from Google Earth, Google+, and other sources, Wallpapers is a great way to inject new life into your device. You can browse wallpapers by category, or set a photo from your own collection. There’s also a feature that will automatically change your wallpaper everyday, ensuring your device feels fresh. [link]

Tip: Pick your favorite category and let Wallpapers choose a new wallpaper for you each day.

Price: Free

Muzei Live Wallpapers (Android)

Muzei refreshes your home screen everyday with a famous work of art. So, not only will you get a great background but you’ll get some culture into your life. What’s cool is Muzei blurs and dims the backgrounds so the focus remains on your icons and widgets. Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” never looked so good. [link]

Tip: Try the option that will change your wallpaper every few hours.

Price: Free

Walli (Android)

Walli features incredible art from a community of talented graphic designers. Just look at the gallery above this post! Those are some cool images. If you find a wallpaper you like, Walli will link you to that artist’s profile page, so you can learn more about them. [link]

Tip: Check out the “popular” tab for some of the app’s best wallpapers.

Price: Free ($1.99 for Walli Premium)

Skyline (Android)

You know those live wallpapers available on the Pixel 2? Skyline uses satellite images to turn any location into a living wallpaper. It turns an otherwise static image into something much more dynamic. What’s cool is you can search for locations anywhere on Earth, so your options are nearly limitless. [link]

Tip: Use your location to set your hometown as a dynamic background.

Price: $1.99