For 2016? Overwatch is my favorite game. We’re doing a list this year, of course. Each of the gaming staff is picking a few games, and we’re writing up a bit about why we loved them before we reveal all 10 of our selections.

If it were solely my job and I was only doing one game? Overwatch would be my favorite game from 2016. I have 300-some-odd hours played, and counting. I play daily. I’m still addicted.

Blizzard’s always been known for polish. Their games might not be perfect, but they arrive with this obscene coat of polish that other developers rarely match. I’ll put them alongside Nintendo when they’re at their absolute best in this regard.

That’s Overwatch. It’s a tight, competitive online shooter with a small selection of modes and maps. It boasts a slowly growing roster of heroes and a pile of aesthetic unlockables. The microtransactions are completely superfluous, and all of the game’s extra content is entirely free.

That roster of heroes, too! Players all have their favorites. Mine are Lucio, D.Va, Zenyatta and Zarya, though I know plenty of others in love with the rest of the roster. These heroes are all wonderfully designed, and that includes the quality of their animations and voice lines, too.

The game is constantly updated, with new patches providing gameplay tweaks rolling out every two weeks or so. The changes might be small and subtle, or they can alter heroes so much that the playerbase will have to dramatically change the way they play the game.

Sure, the community can be toxic at times, but rolling with friends in Overwatch is still an absolute blast for me. In fact, I’d say that around 200 of my hours played have happened with friends on my team.

The way Blizzard’s handling Overwatch as a service is what’s going to keep me around longest. The title is being updated with holiday events, and the addition of themed skins, sprays and voice lines is keeping me interested while the studio makes new maps and, hopefully, modes. Gosh could this game use a new mode.