Cruising around in the slick Regalia car with Noctis and his friends is the core experience of Final Fantasy XV. Naturally, you’re going to need a few tunes to play along the way. Square Enix is more than happy to oblige by providing selections from each of the older games’ the soundtracks.

You’ll have to track them down at different item shops across the world, but I promise, they make all the difference during those long rides.

When in the car, tensions are not usually all that high, so some of the more intense themes that the series is known for don’t suit the atmosphere. I usually go for some of the softer songs, ones that bring on tranquil thoughts or the excitement of adventures ahead.

These are the songs I gravitate the most to when crossing from parking lot to parking lot.

The most obvious of them all

An underrated goodie

For the sporty, blonde jock in all of us

Driving into battle

That’s treasure hunter!

When danger lurks ahead

When you stray a little far off the beaten path

Another obviouschoice

Just for chills

The whimsiest of whimsicals