Motorola promised to deliver more and cooler Moto Mods with its Moto Z2 Force. That promise is coming to fruition with tons of great new mods, including a 360-degree camera, but the best has to be the Gampad Moto Mod controller that seamlessly connects to the modular smartphone. But we got some bad news: it’s expensive and only available through Verizon.

The gamepad mod looks like a long rectangle that houses the Moto Z2 Force in the middle. Inside where the device fits is a vibrant red color that really catches the eye. Not sure if this color scheme was used in conjunction with Verizon or if it is a standalone scheme Motorola opted for. Regardless, this Moto Mod looks damn good.

On the left side are a joystick, directional pad, home button and a trigger at the top. On the left side are a joystick, X, Y, A, B, start and select buttons and the trigger at the top. Inside of it is an extra 1,035mAh battery that is good for eight extra hours of battery life. The back has thicker edges to fit better in the hands and a unique red logo in the middle.

The gaming Moto Mod will retail for $79.99. The price is pretty high especially when you consider that there are a ton of other gaming controllers you can purchase for the half the price. For instance, 8Bit’s NES30 Pro Controller is available for $42 and it has the awesome NES scheme.

But we still have to credit Motorola for not going (more) overboard with the pricing. It’s 360-degree mod costs a staggering $300. Things could be worse.

The Gamepad Moto Mod is available for preorder now and will ship starting August 25 exclusively through Verizon.