One of the biggest gatherings for all things geek just ended, but not before we got to explore the Con floor for a few days. If you didn’t have a chance to keep up, the biggest studios in the game made a big splash in Hall H this past week, probably highlighted by the Deadpool trailer that audiences demanded be played twice—that’s how good it was.

Lucasfilm also held a presentation last Friday for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and although we didn’t get a new trailer, we did get a behind-the-scenes video, which showed off some new creatures, and actually left us with more questions than answers. We could be reading into things a bit too much, but who was that guy being held captive? And how do the new monsters fit into the equation?

What was particularly noteworthy about Lucasfilm’s presentation was how pumped the cast and crew was for new entry into the series. Director J.J. Abrams explained that he wanted to go back to Star Wars’ roots for the new movie, using practical effects instead of relying on CGI. He actually brought a new monster onstage to prove it, and said they built hundreds of new monsters specifically for the film.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Pictures unleashed a new trailer for Batman v Superman, and the studio also showed off footage from Suicide Squad, though it was exclusive to those who made it to Hall H. Bummer. We actually saw a leak of that footage, which included a brief look at Jared Leto’s Joker. He looks a lot better than you think, and his voice sounded great. It’s tough to judge based on what little footage was available, so we’ll hold off for now. But we’re very excited.

In addition to all the trailers, announcements and panels, the big highlight of Comic-Con is the costumes. People come from all over the world to show off the work they’ve put into their costumes, and they looked phenomenal this year. I was blown away when I attended the show for the first time last year, but this year was even more exciting. If you ever have the chance to attend, you should. Costumed or not, it’s a spectacle to be sure, and a chance to hang out with some of the industry’s titans, along with some of your favorite characters.

Check out the pictures we snapped above. My favorites are Clarence and the Belchers from Bob’s Burgers.