Battleblock Theater

It's been a long time coming, but The Behemoth has finally wrapped up coding for their next game Battleblock Theater. The Castle Crashers developer announced the game way back in 2009 and even had an early build available at Tokyo Game Show the same year, but slow progress has hampered the game's development cycle ever since.

Joystiq had originally announced that the game had passed Microsoft's certification progress, but later updated to reveal that the game had simply been finished.

The Behemoth began life as a simple flash game development team creating games for Newgrounds, founded by Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp. Their popular run n' gun Alien Hominid found its way to the previous generation of consoles before getting a full blown HD treatment on Xbox Live Arcade. The duo followed up with the insanely popular Castle Crashers back in 2008. The RPG Beat 'em Up remains one of the best selling Xbox LIVE Arcade games to date.

Battleblock Theater will return the team to Xbox LIVE Arcade for the first time after a four year hiatus. Sticking to reworking proven formulas, Battleblock Theater borrows a lot from Super Smash Bros., with a huge emphasis on arena combat and stage interaction.

As of this moment, only an Xbox LIVE Arcade version has been confirmed, but other will most likely droll out if and when the game becomes a hit. No date has been given yet. A Castle Crashers DLC pack will also coincide with the game's release, allowing Battleblock Theater's antagonist to be a playable character along with new weapons and pets.

[via Joystiq]