What fun is an MMORPG without a beautiful world to play in? Would World of Warcraft be so popular if Azeroth wasn't such a rich and cultured land? I'd go so far as to say the world in any MMORPG is the main character, and your personal avatar is nothing more than a supporting role in its ever evolving arch.

Which is why this new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is going to be a success. Square Enix has nine minutes of footage from each of the dungeons you will be spending time in, and they are drop dead gorgeous: Deserts, sunken castles, crystal fortresses, tropical shores, cyber bases, volcanoes, castles lost to mountain snow. Hydaelyn is a vast and varying world with plenty to see, raid and do.

A few familiar faces also make an appearance. Classic enemies like the Malboros and the ever lovable Cactuars and Tonberries will hide in the deep crevices of these dungeons ready to pounce and kill in a moment's notice.

I am fighting all my geeky urges not to get to sucked in. Too much has been happening in my life this year to get lost in another MMORPG, but this is Final Fantasy. Not only is this Final Fantasy, but it is the first time in a decade I've actually been excited to play a game in my once favorite series. Everything about it screams of the olden days with the overly dramatic voices, crazy storylines, cool monsters and amazing music.

This is the HD Final Fantasy I've always wanted to play. Not Final Fantasy XIII or even the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. This has my full attention, and if I start playing it, maybe too much of my attention. We will see how I feel when it launches on the PC and PlayStation 3 next week on the 27th.

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