Late last year, The Batman was full-steam ahead with Ben Affleck directing, writing, producing and starring in the titular role. Things then took a turn for the worse with Ben Affleck dropping out as director and the whole project was left hanging in the air. Eventually, Matt Reeves signed on to direct, but few details about the project have been revealed since—until now.

Initial work on The Batman is beginning to pick up steam with an anticipated release for 2019, according to Variety.

Matt Reeves has been busy finishing off War of the Planet of the Apes over the past couple months, which means he wasn't talking much about his next project. But now that his latest movie is about to hit theaters, while earning universal acclaim, he is opening up about The Batman.

In a recent podcast interview with MTV, Reeves talked about making the next Cape Crusader movie. He won't be using Ben Affleck's much-talked about script, instead opting to start completely fresh.

"It's a new story, it's starting again," revealed Reeves during the interview. "I'm excited about it."

This may actually be the best thing for the movie. Reeves is riding hot off critical praise of the latest Planet of the Apes that he directed and wrote. This bodes really well for The Batman. He has a keen eye for the style of movie he wants to make. Reeves taking control of the project also seems to have freed up Ben Affleck to focus more on portraying Batman rather than doing everything else.

Variety went on report that the movie is projected for a 2019 release. Neither Reeves nor anybody else involved with the movie confirmed this, but it does give the movie plenty of time to be made.

Currently, Warner Bros. has Justice League 2 set for a summer 2019 release, though a final release date hasn't been confirmed. Justice League director Zack Snyder recently had to bow out of reshoots for the first movie due to an unexpected family tragedy. This may end up delaying Justice League 2, opening up the door for a summer release for The Batman.

Take all of this with a grain of salt. The movie roadmap for the DCEU is largely unsettled beyond 2018. There's constant talk of new movies, so we're not really sure which ones are actually being made.

What we do know is that if Matt Reeves' reputation precedes him, he will direct a kick-ass Batman movie, whenever it's released.