Warner Bros. is looking to Westeros to find a new Dark Knight for The Batman standalone movie. That’s according to a new report from Revenge of the Fans, which claims the studio ordered digital mockups of Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington as the Caped Crusader.

The studio has been trying to navigate through the murky waters to make The Batman movie a reality even though it has been very slow to develop. Prior to the failure of the Justice League, the movie was a foregone conclusion, but since then the project has been on the back burner leading to Ben Affleck’s possible departure from the role.

With Affleck’s possible exit, Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves have been forced to look for a replacement. Rumors have run rampant of who could take up the mantle and the latest name being thrown around is Kit Harington.

According to the report, the studio ordered mockups for two actors, one of them being Kit Harington, and the other was unnamed. The report goes on to say that although Harington is being considered for the role, the studio has not decided on anything.

But since we’re on the subject, might as well read between the lines. Though we have absolutely no details regarding Matt ReevesThe Batman movie, the fact that they are considering an actor like Kit Harington hints at a reboot of the character.

Harington is much younger than Ben Affleck, which means the movie may go back to an earlier period of Batman’s life as opposed to the older character Affleck portrayed in Batman v. Superman and Justice League. It falls in line with the rumors that the story may explore the Year One comic book storyline written by Frank Miller.