Just shy of two weeks before its release date, The Banner Saga 2 now has a launch trailer.

When I beat The Banner Saga, I did so as a player who hadn’t followed the game at all in the news before release. I saw its art style, put it on my wishlist and bought it once it released. That was it.

When I finished that game, I was angry. I didn’t know a sequel was already planned, and my long and arduous journey was left dangling on the side of a cliff. My heroes? Set to fall into the gaping maw of depression, a location I already occupied.

Seeing that a sequel was planned obviously eased my pain. Now, that sequel is almost here. I can’t wait to embark on another decision-filled journey packed with tough tactical battles and the loss of wonderful characters.

Go play The Banner Saga. Then come back for the sequel. The Banner Saga 2 launches on April 19, 2016. The console version will drop later this summer.