I had a feeling the Amazon Echo was going to be a hot holiday gift item this year. In fact, I recently wrote an editorial suggesting that it’s the only gift you should give everyone. Turns out that mentality might have been shared with millions of people. Amazon is officially unable to fulfill Amazon Echo stock until after Christmas.

The company’s several models, including white and black models of the standard version, will ship on December 30 at the earliest. The smaller Echo Dot models won’t be available until December 27. Even the Amazon Tap, which hasn’t seemed all that popular, is out of stock until December 26. One might have thought the Google Home would have put a slight damper on Amazon’s sales, but I guess not. The Echo really is a fantastic device and, thanks to third-party app support, its capabilities continue to grow.

Look in Best Buy or Home Depot

The good news is you might be able to find one in stock through one of Amazon’s retail partners. Retailers such as Best Buy also sell the Amazon Echo, though it’s possible the stock in those stores is just as low. If I were on the hunt, I’d probably check Home Depot or Lowe’s. Those retailers sell the Amazon Echo and probably aren’t a destination where most folks are looking. Good luck!