We’ve seen some pretty entertaining clips emerge from the Star Wars Battlefront beta, but this one is just marvelous in that it is both entertaining and highly implausible to ever recreate again.

Yup, Luke Skywalker just walks by and targets a random Snowtrooper with a Force Push off a cliff. Just a normal day on the battlefield, and then BOOM… the Snowtrooper is struck by a high speeding TIE Fighter, which proceeds to spin out of control and crash into a mountainside.

If this was staged, wonderful timing, you guys. That was impressive. If it wasn’t, you just snagged lightning in a bottle, the absolute best way to waste a Stormtrooper. I hope J. J. Abrams is watching.

Wow, Skywalker… that’s just brutal. Watch out for that Dark Side, will ya? Star Wars Battlefront will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 17.

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