Hi there, hold my hand as we take a walk down memory lane. A user recently posted several images on Reddit that show each homepage for the iPhone as it was announced. My how far we’ve come.

2007 – this was right around when the Motorola RAZR was still stealing the hearts and minds of the mobile community. Then Apple introduced the iPhone. Dang, I still kinda miss those rounded edges.

In 2008 Apple added 3G support and dropped the price of the iPhone. It also moved to a rounded backside. Remember when 3G was new?

In 2009 Apple added boosted the speed of the iPhone 3G and dubbed it the iPhone 3GS. The design, for the first time, remained unchanged between iterations.

In 2010, we saw the totally revamped iPhone 4. It offered a better camera than ever before, faster hardware, and introduced the more rectangular design.

Apple added a dual-core processor to the iPhone 4 in 2011 and dubbed it the iPhone 4S. The hardware design remained unchanged, but Apple introduced amazing new features such as Siri.

And that brings us to today. Apple says the iPhone 5 is the “best thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone,” which is a direct stab at competitors, we think. Do you agree?