Gresso Regal Titanium 2

You’d think that for $4,500, you could get the most advanced smartphone known to man, the kind of handset that’s bathed in an aura of secrecy and only referred to by code names whispered in hushed tones by the geniuses and masterminds who determine the very bleeding edge of mobile technology. You would think that… but you’d be wrong.

Instead, those thousands would buy you a Symbian cellie courtesy of Gresso. Seems like an awful lot to spend for a “dumb phone” — and it is — but if Superman were a featurephone user, Gresso’s Regal Titanium would be the one he’d carry. It’s a carefully machined device whose casing is forged from a single solid slab of titanium and whose keypad is made of hand-polished steel. On the front and rear of the device is a tinted tempered glass, to complete the luxe finish.

Titanium is an amazing metal. It’s incredibly strong and unrelentingly tough, while also being surprisingly lightweight. The Regal Titanium also manages to be hypo-allergenic, so if you don’t react well to metals, then this is the premium hardware for you… that is, if you can do without any smartphone features.

I’m genuinely not sure who the target customer is for this. Affluent old ladies who’d quiver in fear (in their multi-million-dollar homes) at the mere thought of a capacitive touchscreen or an app store? There aren’t a huge number of them around, and maybe that’s a good thing. Only 333 limited edition Regal Titaniums are available.

Well, at least it’s better than the wallet-slapping Vertu phones. This Gresso model is an absolute steal compared to the $10,000–20,000 price tag of this other luxury tech brand. (No wonder Nokia sold its stake in it.) I guess the business of catering to the “one percent” just ain’t what it used to be.

[Via ChipChick, Source Gresso]