The SRT Viper is slithering back into the market Wednesday with its official reveal at the New York Auto Show after a two-year hiatus. SRT – the performance group that used to modify cars for Chrysler and now its own brand within the Chrysler group – has released a few official teaser shots. There have been many speculative renders as well as a Hot Wheels toy car of the new Viper that have been ousted in some grainy photos.

Nothing is set in stone, but we have some good bets on what we should expect from the new Viper. A V10 is almost certain, pumping out well over 600 horsepower. It will have a more sculpted exterior as well as a more comfortable, luxurious interior. Due to Chrysler’s new owner, Fiat, there will probably be some Italian styling injected into the Snake as well as revised handling that will probably feature less killer oversteer and lighter wheel inputs. Also, stability control will be introduced on the new SRT Viper for the first time ever, probably due to the fact it is standard on all 2012 vehicles sold in the USA. Not much else has been divulged, but expect all the juicy specs to be revealed on Wednesday.

Now, the Viper has been an American icon for some time, as it represents extreme horsepower coupled with brutal acceleration. I love this car because it sticks its middle finger out at the conventional world with its side exhaust and 8.4-liter V10 (we expect displacement to rise in the 2013, as it has done over the life of the Viper). It’s hellish, brash, and blistering fast. It embodies America’s love for horsepower, and i can’t wait to see it in action.

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[Photos Via: Autoblog, Top Gear]