Without the Infinity Stones, Thanos wouldn’t have been able to successfully complete his plan of wiping out half the universe. Turns out, it was one Infinity Stone in particular that gave the Mad Titan the power necessary to make his plan happen.

According to VFX Supervisor Dan Deleeuw, it was the Power Stone that was key to giving Thanos the power to kill half of all life. The stone’s power also inspired Deleeuw and his team to come up with the “death by dissolve” special effect, which has by now become a meme unto itself.

“The Power Stone was blipping them out of existence,” Deleeuw explained to Inverse.

Originally, the filmmakers wanted something that was much more dramatic than simply seeing the Avengers (and many others) turning to dust. But it became too busy, according to Deleeuw, which is why they settled on something much simpler.

“We had concept art combining all those things, and it was getting too busy,” Deleeuw said. “It became too complicated. It was stepping on what the actors were doing. So it became ‘body turns to ash.’ We peeled away all those layers and focused on that one (Power Stone), deciding how quickly it would consume someone, what pattern it would consume them.”

We actually got a glimpse of this dissolve effect in Guardians of the Galaxy when Peter Quill grabs the Power Stone. Obviously, Quill survived, but he wasn’t so lucky when Thanos snapped his fingers.

While the Power Stone was an integral part of Thanos’ plan, the combined effect of the six stones allowed him to have a larger effect on the universe. Other stones, such as the Space Stone and Time Stone, made the Power Stone’s effects far-reaching.

Based on Deleeuw’s comments, it makes sense why Thanos acquired the Power Stone first.