The push for mobile technology has been prevalent in China for many years, and for another year, mobile continues to grow at an exponential rate. 

Approximately 51 million new Chinese users logged onto the Internet, bringing the total number of online users to 564 million for 2012 – an increase of ten percent from 2011.

The growth doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon; the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology estimated earlier in the month that China’s Internet population will reach approximately 800 million users by 2015. Users in China are also embracing online shopping via mobile, at an increase of 6.6 percent compared to 2011.

On the decline?  Internet cafes. Desktop computer use also dropped by just shy of three percent, and laptop use fell to 45.9 percent of total users. Mobile use, on the other hand, jumped from 69.3 percent to 74.5 percent, proving that smartphones and tablets are dominating the market.

All of this data is interesting, particularly given the uphill battle Apple has had trying to retain market share.  As we wrote about last year, Apple’s iPhone market share has declined and is now behind Samsung, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei and others. It’s compelling proof that a mobile market can forge ahead without the iconic smartphone leading the way. 

The Chinese market is certainly growing, but if reports are any indication, the growth continues to happen from the low-end side of the market.