Here's one for you: A woman is walking and texting in a mall, like many of us often do, when she suddenly tumbles head first into a knee-high fountain. Because she was so focused on what was on her phone's screen, she never saw it coming. Obviously, the dangers of distracted texting aren't exclusive to the road. The woman's tale is a perfect example.

To further illustrate the dangers of texting while walking, New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to make a funny, and informative, PSA-style video. In it, you'll see how spacial awareness, narrow visibility zones and proper etiquette are all lacking while walking and texting.

"Walking the streets while texting isn't much safer than walking them with a blindfold on." When you see how limited your range of view is while messaging, you'll see what Neistat means.

Who would've thought we'd ever need a PSA about walking and texting. It's a sign of the times, though. People are connected at all hours of the day because of smartphones, meaning more distractions, more accidents and more ladies in fountains. Hopefully after watching Neistat's video, you won't be the next victim.

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