In my experience, one of the most commonly used application in the Mac OS environment is TextEdit. Though it might look like an inconspicuous little text editor, it does in fact have some rather useful features.

Text Edit Preferences

Default Layout

When you first open TextEdit, the default settings mean that it will open as a relative small window. If you’re not too keen on the micro editor format, you can increase the size to that of your choose. Though it’s a little strange the you define the size by character count and line heights.

Author Properties

Even though it may seem like just a lowly text editor, it’s still important to protect what’s written on its pages. That’s where the ownership properties come in to play, allowing you to set all the expected rights information.

Advanced Options

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these are simple spell check options, but there are a few hidden gems here. First off, by default, TextEdit is able to check your spelling and correct it on-the-fly with the most relevant suggested spelling. Careful that you don’t get caught out with this one.

The one feature that I’ve come to use the most is the ‘smart copy/paste’. Essentially, it will preserve the formatting of the copied elements, meaning that you won’t have to do any extra leg work to make your copy look like the original content.

In your opinion, which native Mac application do you use more than any other? This excludes browsers and the finder.